Welcome to Baer Financial Group. Our purpose is to help businesses and individuals gain financial stability, strength, and independence. We hope to work with you one step at a time ensure your long term success. You have a family to take care or a business to run. We will worry about the money so you can focus on whats important to you.

We are your business and personal solutions provider.

Here’s a Question

Would you like to lower your companies operating cost? Do you feel you are paying too much in taxes?  What could you do with another 15, 30, $40,000. What if you could find more? What if it was already in your business? You could buy new equipment, expand into new areas or business ventures, hire new employees, or simply prepare a company for a more profitable sale.

I work along with your CPA, business advisors , and executives to add an extra set of eyes to go above and beyond what you might already be saving. I help business owners increase their profitability by  providing them with cost saving measures and very specific tax incentives that would otherwise go uncaptured. Our team will provide this service in a no cost, no risk, contingency basis.

Our team has worked with thousands of companies for over a decade providing in depth knowledge and experience in a list of industries including : Commercial real estate owners, Hotels, Restaurateurs, Medical Offices and Hospitals, Car Dealerships, Commercial Builders, Engineering and Architectural Firms, Manufacturing Companies, R&D, and Staffing and Temp Agencies. We have worked with large corporate organisations to small mom and pop operations.

Let us help you grow and expand your company.


Our Firm

I am a husband and father. Our home is the Space Coast of Florida. My family has run small businesses for the last 30 years and I have been in the financial services industry for the past decade. I am always working to add new products and services to benefit my clients and I have assembled a solid portfolio and an effective team to add to success of our firm.

I work with my prospects, clients, and colleagues as a team to help bring resolutions to issues they are facing.

I work for my wife and our children.

We believe in helping to improve the community and the world we live in and work with charities that we believe make a difference.




We appreciate how busy you are. So there is no need for you to even leave your office or job site. We will come to you so we can learn more about your operation. In some cases we can run our meeting through a webinar. Call us for a no cost meeting.